SPRING Semester 2003

Myron Howard Nadel

Lisa Bandy Smith

You will learn techniques applicable to all forms of dance and movement for the stage. We will apply these techniques to dance for the music theatre. You will also learn about dance in the Music Theatre. You will participate in vigorous physical activity.  

Class Times

12:00 - 1:20 T/R starting at EXACTLY 12:05

Instructor Information

Myron Howard Nadel, Associate Dean of Liberal Arts & Lisa Smith Bandy, Assistant to Dean

Office: Liberal Arts 343, email: mnadel@utep.edu or lisas@utep.edu

Office Hours: M, W, F, 9:30 am - 11:30 am. Please call for appointment- 747-5666.

Course Requirements

You must sign the roll each time before class begins. You earn your grade by the actual number of professor-accredited signatures. In order to be accredited, you must: 1) Participate fully in a heightened physical and mindful manner for the entire class, which begins at 12:05 PM and ends at 1:20 PM.  2) Satisfactorily present any written assignments on time at that class period. 3) satisfactorily perform movement sequences taught in previous classes. 4) Perform short, self-created, movement essays, if assigned. 5) Show, through your class work, the results of 3 to 5 hours of weekly outside-of-class practice of dance technique. 6) Use web site for all assignments and announcements. You must also read Broadway Ballet and be able to answer all questions in the on-line Self Quiz. 


There are two ways to earn points. 1) One- point is given for each accredited signature line. Points are only earned when you are in class. No points are earned for absences. 2) You also earn points for the written final: 90% = 5 points; 80% = 4 points; 70% = 3 points; 60% = 2 points; 50% = 1 point


Your final grade will be based on: 31 points = A; 30 points = B; 29 points = C; 28 points = D;

Download Grading and Attendance Policies

Download Warm-up

 ============REQUIRED READING= =======================

READ THIS!!! .................................................

Broadway Ballet: A guide to the world of dance in music theatre

Take notes on the "thoughts" at the end of each chapter.  Then, answer all questions in the self quiz. Then......................




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Nadel Vitae